Friday 27th July 2018

Update: Restore of utility power at FRA1.2 / FRA 1.1 is still running on generators

We confirm, that one part of our data center is back in normal operation mode (FRA1.2).

Unfortunately FRA1.1 is still being provided by generators. The generators are supplying the data centre in an N+1 redundant configuration.

On Monday (30th July) the faulty transformer will be replaced with a temporary genset. This will take the data centre back to an ‘as designed’ state with the exception of the mechanical load being provided by the temporary genset. Once this is done our work load will then be transferred off generators back to utility power, with full N+2 redundancy.

Our operating procedures as well as the operating procedures of our data center provider have been temporarily enhanced and we will have full 24x7 on site engineering and specialist support over the weekend.